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We are a small family kennel that have now relocated to the mid west but do have other branches of our kennel in several other locations. We take tremendous pride in our dogs, coming only from the best bloodlines and breeders.  The APBT standards stipulate that our dogs must be people friendly, courageous and athletically superior, as well as "Man's Best Friend."  You get what you pay for.  Our dogs are also bred for confirmation and are both beautiful and fearless, long winded, hard biters with extreme intelligence that also exceed in a family environment as a well bred pitbull should be! As you will see below. 

Although the APBT was used for fighting, bull baiting, and hog baiting, they were also used for weight pulling because of their enormous strength. But let's not get this wrong- A century ago, this dog was considered a family dog and was trusted as a loving friend of children.  This breed has been completely viewed in a negative manner due to stereotyping, media hype and irresponsible ownership.  We here at MsDemeanor Kennels are attempting to restore the breed's reputation as friend, athlete, and family member.  Although this breed still obtains some of the hunting and fighting blood, these dogs were never bred to be man biters, but will most certainly protect his family should he need to.  Yes, our dogs come from game blood, but are not bullys and do show compassion, and patience with our smaller house dogs.

Misdemeanor kennels does not in any way condone the cruelty of animals nor take place in any action that will violate the animal fighting prohibition enforcement act of 2007.
We do not sell or breed any dogs for illegal purposes,our animals are bred and sold strictly for the purpose of companion,protector,pet, legal hunting,conformation,weight pull,catch dog,and any other legal activities put in his path!  



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